Was there a frustrating problem that inspired you to get in touch with NSS?

"I felt like I was neglecting myself. Being a stay at home mom, I wasn't taking time to do something for ME. I was maybe getting to the gym once a week if I was lucky. I had low energy and just felt weak!"


What led you to believe NSS may be the optimal gym for you?

"I knew how much my husband loved NSS, and a good friend invited me to do a 4-week class, which I loved! After that class I was hooked, and knew I wanted to sign up for my weekly sessions."


What is keeping you at NSS?

"I love NSS philosophy, the culture, and most importantly how great I feel after each session!"


How has your life improved as a result of the time you’ve spent with us?

"I can see significant signs of improvement in my overall strength. I feel strong! I also feel like I have more energy. I love that I'm taking time to do something for ME!"

What have you learned at NSS?

"I have learned how important it is to listen to my body. I love how every session I am asked how my body is feeling, and if something does feel “off,” my coach adjusts my work outs. I have also learned that there are lots of different ways of building strength. It has been so fun trying out different workouts!"


Can you speak on the community and environment of NSS? 

"The community at NSS is so infectious. I usually work out early in the morning, and everyone is happy to be there! I am always greeted with a "good morning," and I have never felt intimidated!"


What words do you have for someone thinking about starting with NSS?

"To give it a try. It has been such a positive thing for me, I just love how great I feel and how it is such a fun place to workout in!"

-Abby D.