"I suffered from severe social anxiety and depression for years, and I turned to drugs and alcohol to mask and cover up all those issues. It turned into an addiction which I could not escape, no matter what I tried. 

I have been to treatment a couple times but nothing ever worked or stuck. I have always worked out and gotten into decent shape, but then always stopped and fell back into my old ways. 

This last year I found faith and became a Christian, and completely turned my life around. I started working out again, and got to a point where I needed more and was looking for a personal trainer to help get me over the hump. 

I heard about Noonan Sport Specialists from a friend of mine and signed up.

The results I have seen since coming to NSS are amazing! With the combination of working out, eating healthy, and surrendering my life to Christ, everything has changed.  

I no longer have anxiety or depression. I have gone from 225 lbs to 185 lbs. I have muscles!

I know that anybody out there that struggles from depression and/or anxiety and addiction can overcome it. Working out, eating healthy, and faith, is just what I needed to completely change and transform.

I'm a huge believer that having fitness in your weekly routine is so important and so many people don’t have that!" 

-Adam B.