Why did you join NSS?

I joined NSS because of my diabetes. My idea was to fight my diabetes and keep down my blood sugar. 


What’s keeping you here?

I like the people. From the first day I came here, everybody knew my name. It was almost like being in Cheers, but my name wasn’t Norm and I wasn’t here for a beer.


I was here to get a good workout, and fight diabetes, and to keep my sugars down.


But now everybody, all the trainers and my fellow clients, they keep me here. I just love coming now, it’s a lot of fun.


What are some positive things you’ve noticed?

My sugars have been fantastic. I got some pipes on me. I even bring my children here, and they do the athlete program, which is really positive. I like the health factor and staying fit, and just hanging out with good people.


What are some things you’ve learned?

You guys are very charitable. I’ve noticed you help a lot of charities, do a lot of drives to help the people in need, and that’s really really awesome.


A lot of companies don’t do that; in a lot of facilities it’s all about business, but in here there’s a lot of giving and caring, not only about your own customers, but caring about your community.


What words do you have for someone considering NSS?

Do it, because the team is fantastic. When my coach is out, any other coach can jump in, knows your regimen, and continues with your workout. It’s always consistent and it’s always growing.


I would say to join. It’s worth it every day.

- Adrian P.