"Before NSS, I was doing workouts that I downloaded from the internet. I made progress, but got in a rut. I realized I was working out but with no purpose or end result.  I had known about NSS for a while and heard great things from friends that are members. I was given a VIP pass, so, knowing I needed a changed, I signed up - and the rest is history. 


Two things keep me at NSS:

1. Accountability. I have someone waiting there to train me. I like that I pay per session, so if I skip a scheduled workout, it’s money out of my pocket. At other gyms you pay monthly dues and can go as much or as little as you want, so if you decide to skip, there is no loss of money. 

2. I have a program that was tailored to me through an evaluation. I know what I am doing is going to benefit me, and if something doesn’t feel right during the workout, that lift is adjusted or removed. Every time I show up there is a purpose to my workout which gets me closer to my end goal.


I have always had tight hamstrings which caused a tight lower back.  Because of this my coach has integrated stretches during my workout which has greatly helped me. I have learned to take things slow, work on and master the correct form, and then increase weight and reps from there. In the long run, this will pay off.


All the coaches are encouraging and friendly. All of the other members are there to support you, too. There are many different goals and abilities, but the most important thing is you are there and working to improve your health.


For anyone thinking of joining NSS, the hardest thing is to walk through that door. Do it and you won’t regret it!"

- Anthony Z.