Was there a frustrating problem that inspired you to get in touch with NSS?

In the fall of 2018 I had my 4th major hip surgery within the last 4.5 years. Going to the gym was hard for me, not only physically but also mentally.


Every time I went to the gym on my own, I was afraid my hips wouldn’t support me and I’d re-injure. I didn’t have the confidence or trust myself one bit. 


What led you to believe NSS may be the optimal gym for you?

I heard SO many amazing things about NSS! I was throwing around the idea of trying it out for the longest time, but in September of 2019 I finally had to get out of my comfort zone.


I had to take the first step and let someone know what I went through, and let them help me! Knowing that you get personal coaching and they watch you to make sure you’re doing the exercise right, is the most comforting thing because I know I won’t re-injure! 


What is keeping you at NSS?

First off, the uplifting awesome coaches and the atmosphere!!! I love knowing and seeing other people work out and go for the same goal we all have, which is to improve our overall strength and fitness, be better than we were before!


Also that communication is so huge at NSS, I love that! I tell my coach I love this exercise, or this exercise doesn’t feel good. They listen to you and push you to just your right limit!


How has your life improved as a result of the time you’ve spent with us?

I’ve only been going to NSS just over a month and I’ve been able to do exercises and movements with my hips that I haven’t been able to do in 5 whole years!!!


My self-esteem has improved beyond measure, I’m not afraid anymore that my hips won’t give out, and overall, seeing physical results and seeing my baby abs pop through more is a bonus too! ;) 

What have you learned at NSS?

I’ve learned exercises that I’ll remember forever, and if an exercise doesn’t feel right, just moving your feet a couple inches can make a big difference!


Can you speak on the community and environment of NSS? 

You build such great relationships! Whether you’ve never stepped foot into a gym and know nothing about exercise, or if you’ve been working out and have a great knowledge of exercise - no matter what your background is, you won’t ever be alone during your fitness journey at NSS!


Also all the other clients working out are so friendly and encouraging! NSS is truly a family.

Genuinely the best decision I’ve ever made! 


What words do you have for someone thinking about starting with NSS?

DO IT! Take the leap of faith and try it out! After you start you’ll think to yourself all the time “Wow I wish I would have started sooner!!”  


It’s an investment for yourself that you’ll never ever regret, and it’ll be the best, most life-changing decision you’ll make! 

-Emily L.