"NSS to go has been a lifesaver for me when it comes to keeping in shape and getting back to a body  with which I feel confident and strong. Like most adults heading into the middle ages of their lives, life tended to get so busy that my physical conditioning and healthy life choices became more difficult, and finding time to train took a back seat. I needed a way to keep accountable to something that should be very important to me, my health and fitness.  

I found out about NSS To Go through NSS, and I felt it was what I needed. I like that the training program is tailored to my needs and goals. At age 44, these goals are different now than they were at 20. I also like that the training program is online, so I get to accomplish this when my schedule allows. The changes and transitions that happen with my program from month to month help me keep growing and progressing in my goals of improved fitness and strength.


I was not looking to do any body building or mass gaining; in fact I had a weight loss goal along with improving conditioning and strength. I have accomplished these goals over the past year on the NSS To Go program, along with improved energy, more ambition, and better sleep routines - all benefits that were not anticipated but certainly welcomed.  

For those that are considering NSS To Go, I highly recommend it, especially for those that have busy schedules, inflexible schedules that prevent them from being able to go to the gym and work with a trainer during regular hours, or those that simply prefer to work out at home. 

If anyone is leaning toward doing this program I would like give them a nudge in that direction because it has been very good for me. We all are looking for something to keep us accountable to a fitness program. I like working out, and this helps me by providing me with excellent training material. I don't have to build the program, I just have to show up and work out when my schedule allows."

Josh C.