"My New Year's resolution was to work on myself. With 4 kids, I had an easy 'excuse' that I didn't have the time to work out. I've tried other fitness facilities by myself, I've tried doing workouts at home, but I wasn't able to keep it going. I just didn't want to work out. In March my husband Jeff and I started to work out with Noonan Sport Specialist. 

Being able to do this together has helped both of us a great deal. We help each other, we push each other and we encourage each other. Sometimes it even gets competitive! 

With guidance we have both changed our eating habits, which has allowed us to lose weight and really change our bodies. We feel better and have more energy. When we travel we make sure we can get in some sort of work out. This is part of our lives now. 

Also, all 4 of our kids have trained at NSS, through either the hockey program or in their group sessions. They have all improved and are becoming better athletes. 

We have made fitness a way of life in our household, and it really works for us. Thanks NSS!"


Julie B.