"I started at NSS a few years ago. I absolutely loved it, and had great results!  Unfortunately, we had some big changes in our family and I decided NSS was something I needed to cut out. 

BIG mistake!!


I took some time off and paid for it.  I lost muscle and started having back pain. 

I just started back 6 months ago, and I am feeling stronger already, and my back is feeling so much better too!  I believe you can pay for it now or you will pay for it later; the money I spend on my health is the best money I can spend!

The moment I walk into NSS I have a huge smile on my face! All the trainers are so awesome and super encouraging.  I love that even though there are others in the gym at the same time as you, your session feels very personalized and private.  Everyone is there for the same reason and I never feel like I am being judged.  The environment is so comfortable to be in! 

The #NSSfamily to me means a group of people that can't wait to help me crush my goals and encourage me every step of the way! 

If you have been wanting to feel stronger and healthier, don't hesitate to call NSS - you only have one body, take care of it!!"


Julie L.