"WOW! What a journey I have taken, and it all started when I chose NSS as a means of changing my life for the better. Never did I think the results would be this awesome! My first day with NSS I couldn't do 3 pull-ups and now I am busting out multiple sets of them! (My goal for my birthday was to do 6; I got that within the 1st month, my birthday was still 1 month away.)

Another area I was focused on was my running; yes I can run marathons, but I wanted more. I wanted to be faster at the shorter runs, and more solid in the longer races. We did running-specific drills that really proved to work in the end. I had multiple personal records when the running season started in May! Every race I entered and ran was another new record (5k, 10k, and half-marathon PRs) and each new one put another idea in my head to keep going. I have never wanted to do shorter distance races until this year and I owe all that to the coaches at NSS! 

Although my journey at NSS has to come to an end, I will never forget all the positive attitudes and great atmosphere that I have experienced there. They are all wonderful people and full of great knowledge and I truly thank each and everyone one of them!"


Kali S.