"After carrying thirty 'pregnancy pounds' around for 6 years, my body began to feel the effects of this additional weight, namely through intense knee pain, locking up of joints, and a general sense of fatigue. 

For 2 1/2 years I worked by myself to lose the weight, combining exercise videos and a low-carb diet. I succeeded in losing 20 pounds by myself, but hit a plateau where I just couldn't seem to lose any more weight.

That's when I began working with Noonan Sport Specialists. They have helped me lose an additional 15 pounds - 5 more pounds than my original goal as well as 4.5" off my waist! A combination of training with kettlebells and cardiovascular exercise, along with dietary recommendations (that included eating carbs!), helped me to attain a fitness level I never dreamed possible.

I have gone from my knees locking up when I walked up the stairs to being able to run for 60 minutes straight with no pain! I am in better shape as a 38-year-old than I was as a teenager, all thanks to Noonan's."

 Krista O.