"I started my sessions with NSS back in November 2009. Since then I have seen dramatic changes in my body composition. I have always worked out often, but since starting with NSS I have realized that while what I was doing was good, I wasn't getting the results I wanted. The majority of my old workout regimen included mostly cardio, cardio, cardio. I've now learned the main focus for burning fat and sculpting muscle is strength, strength, strength training!"


I still love cardio, but know now that I need strength as well. In August of 2009 I weighed 145 pounds, now I'm to an all time low of 130 pounds and it feels great!!! Even more so than the weight loss, it feels awesome to be strong and athletic. My focus has now moved from weight loss to building muscle and strength. The physical demands of being a mom of four small children requires the utmost physical strength. 

Would I recommend training with NSS to someone who was thinking about it? YES! IT'S ADDICTING and I love it! The expertise of the coaches allows them to target all your goals while doing it at a very challenging, yet realistic pace, all while minimizing the risk of injury. Whether you think you're in pretty good shape but are looking for that 'change' to get you to the next level, or you currently haven't made fitness a priority at all, the coaches have a way of working with you from the very level you are at today and progressing until you reach your goal. And trust me when I say, once you reach that goal there will always be another one!!!!"

                                                                                                              Lisa P.