Nutrition Coaching Program : SPRINT

"Upon completion of the SPRINT program I learned a lot about my eating habits ~ why I eat, when I eat, and what I’m choosing to eat. I learned how to deal with bad eating habits and made some lifestyle changes to combat those bad habits. Over the two-month period I transformed my body. All total, I lost 1.25” from BOTH my hips AND waist and my clothes are fitting a lot better. (I had to go out and buy new jeans!!) This program gave me the kick start I needed on my nutrition.”


Our NCP Sprint program is a two-month, 6-session program, based on getting you in, analyzing your current nutrition, activity, sleep, stress, and social support. From this we begin prescribing steps to take that will get you closer to your goals. 


This is an accelerated program of task-based change; you will learn cornerstones of good nutrition, but will more or less be handed what to do in steps and be expected to follow through on all of those steps to the absolute best of your ability at all times.


Results are the name of the game, and you must be ready to make changes that are sometimes drastic and require substantial effort. This is not to say the process is unsafe or based on unrealistic results or demands; this is simply to reiterate that as a short program, a lack of commitment is completely unacceptable.


NCP Sprint participants are unique individuals that will not miss a beat.


Rate $250 

(two monthly payments of $125)