Nutrition Coaching Programs

The Nutrition Coaching mission is to help clients change their lives for the better, utilizing nutrition as the vehicle for change. We do this in 3 ways.


1. Build Relationships: Our clients must feel safe enough to be vulnerable and open to change in an environment with no condemnation or judgment for their current lifestyle and habits.


2. Teach the Foundations of Habit Change: Information without application is useless. We live in the information age, but many of us are overloaded with knowledge and no idea of how to apply it realistically over the long term.


3. Equip Clients for Nutritional Self-Efficacy: Through habit change and realistic acceptance of limitations, we strive to see clients get rid of the guilt and fear that often stifle success with nutrition and move forward with confidence, knowing that they have a recipe for long-term success through change, not just a nutritional fact sheet that has to be adhered to with unbending resolve.



Our NCP Sprint Program was created to do one thing: help you reach your goals faster. In our two-month program, we will help you clearly define your goals, evaluate your current nutritional practices, activity, sleep, and stress. From this we create a results-based nutritional approach specific to you.


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Information and Rates




  • Nutrition Handbook and Progress Log

  • 7-Site Skinfold Body Composition Analysis

  • Comprehensive Body Measurements

  • Email Support




Our 6-month NCP Evolution Program keeps the long game in mind. Your nutrition will be built from the ground up. By the end of the course you will have an extensive feel for nutritional basics in a changing life environment, that will help you reach the goals you've set. 


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Information and Rates

With enrollment in either of our NCP programs, in addition to the individual consultations, you will receive: