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February Client of the Month: Sean Richardson

We are proud to honor Sean Richardson as our February 2023 NSS Client of the Month!

From the very first day Sean walked into NSS, he was ready to work hard and make steady improvements, starting with 30-minute workouts 3 times a week but quickly moving to 60-minute workouts when he felt his body could handle a longer session.

With his vast fitness history, from jiu-jitsu to soccer to weight lifting, he knows what his body can handle and is very in tune with how he’s feeling each day he comes in, communicating that clearly with his coaches.

Sean is willing to try almost any exercise the coaches give him and consistently adds weight or reps to gradually, yet intentionally, get stronger. Sean also brings new ideas and methods to his coaches to incorporate into his training.

All so that he can continue doing what he wants to do outside the gym, including working in the yard and at the lake and keeping up with his kids in their sports and workouts.

Not only does Sean work hard when he’s in the gym, he also finds time to connect with any client he’s working with, getting to know them and having a great time. (There might also be a prank or two along the way!)

If you’ve been in the gym at the same time as Sean, there is no doubt you’ve also witnessed or experienced his friendliness, making everyone’s day a bit better.

Thanks for being part of the #NSSfamily, Sean!

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