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How to Focus During Workouts

Ever have those days when you get to the gym and your mind is racing with all the to-dos? Or rather should we say, ever have those days when your mind ISN'T racing with everything else that has to be done!

Suddenly, 60 minutes go by and you are not even sure what you just did in your workout?

Let's chat about being present - and how it can help bring your workout to the next level!

Next time you are feeling like you need to get out of your head or are a little distracted from your workout (or really any other activity) try this.

Take a deep breath, and check in with your senses...

1. Wiggle your toes and pay attention to what you are feeling.

2. Check in with the things your eyes are seeing.

3. Smell the air and take notice of what you are smelling.

4. Open your ears and listen to the noise around you.

Doing one or even all of these, and taking into account each response you have for the sense you are feeling, can help focus you on the task at hand.

Having more focus or being present in your workout can be a game changer for the intensity and fulfillment of the session!

And don't worry about "checking out" from some of the other stuff for a while, we promise, all those tasks will still be there for you after!

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