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Job Opening at NSS - NOW HIRING!

We are excited to be starting the hiring process in search of another Certified Personal Coach here at NSS.

If you know of anyone who might be a good candidate please feel free to forward this blog on and help us get another great coach into the gym!

Job Title: Certified Personal Coach

POSITION SUMMARY: To conduct one-on-one and semi-private group training sessions with clients of Noonan Sport Specialists. This includes creation, implementation, and ensured growth and development of structured training templates, training philosophy, and Noonan Sport Specialists as a business.

To download the entire Position Packet click below.

Position Packet Certified Coach (March 2
Download • 322KB

To apply for the position of Certified Personal Coach at Noonan Sport Specialists please send a cover letter explaining your interest in the position with NSS, resume and references formatted INTO A SINGLE .PDF FILE to:

Dustin at

Applications due by April 14th

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