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May Client of the Month: Dan Quiggle

We are proud to honor Dan Quiggle as our May 2022 NSS Client of the Month!

If someone were to ask you to run a marathon around a baseball diamond in March in Minnesota, what would your response be??? For Dan Quiggle, it’d be something along the lines of “Sounds like fun!”. Trust me, this is not going to be a montage all about Dan’s amazing running abilities and his love of all things endurance. Although, it is worth mentioning given the fact that many know Dan as a runner! But that would leave aside so much more to the man we know who can rock an incredible beard and can live off of good steak. Let’s start with his honest positivity. Dan walks into each session with a smile on his face and an excitement to be here working out with his noon comrades. He approaches his sessions as if there is nothing going on outside of these walls. His level of focus and dedication to improving his body is astonishing. Dan understands and trusts the process and appreciates the idea of practicing a movement to get better at it as opposed to just moving on to the next thing or adding more weight. During his time here, we have gone through an array of strength approaches to find what works best and what makes his body feel its best. This is a constant trial and error which is only possible because of Dan’s intuitive nature and his ability to give good feedback. We have found a balance in our strength approach to where his body tends to appreciate a bit heavier loading with some lower reps, contrary to the “traditional” endurance approach. Dan is here to make his body as resilient as possible so that he can continue to rock his feats of endurance for years to come. The side effect of all of this is that he gets to have fun doing it and makes those around him enjoy their time in the gym that much more!

Thank you, Dan, for being just plain awesome and continuing to make the gym a better place!

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