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May Client of the Month: Deb Fraser

We are happy to honor Deb Fraser as our May 2024 NSS Client of the Month!

Let's give a round of applause to Deb Fraser, our outstanding Client of the Month for May! Deb's commitment, positivity, and active involvement with our #NSSfamily community have set her apart.

For over a year now, Deb has been a shining example of dedication. She consistently shows up and gives her all in every workout. Her positive attitude and friendly demeanor create an atmosphere of encouragement and support, making our gym feel like home to everyone.

Deb's influence extends beyond her fitness journey. Her uplifting words and shared laughter with fellow members bring joy and camaraderie to every session, enriching our community.

Deb has made remarkable progress in her fitness goals through her unwavering dedication to strength training. Her commitment to consistent workouts has improved her strength and overall well-being.

Deb, your positive energy, engagement with our community, and dedication to your fitness journey inspire us all.

Thank you for motivating us all and embodying the spirit of our community. Congratulations, Deb!

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