"I received a gift certificate to Noonan Sport Specialists this year for Christmas. I had been thinking of joining a gym, and the gift certificate was the gentle nudge I needed to get started.

With never having a personal trainer before, I felt a little intimidated when I first walked in to NSS, as I didn't know what to expect.

It didn't take long until I felt comfortable working alongside other clients and felt a part of the #NSSfamily, they truly treat you like family.

From the start, I was really encouraged to give feedback to make sure I was happy and comfortable with my sessions. My coach is FABULOUS, taking the time to explain each exercise and making sure it's done correctly.

Recently while on vacation I went to a gym at the resort - I missed my coach! I questioned: How much weight should I be using? Is my positioning correct? What should my heart rate be?


I trust my coach’s expert guidance to help me progress and stay focused. 


Also, having a set schedule really keeps me motivated, focused and accountable.


What a great gift of health I received with my Christmas present to NSS. I love my workouts for both my physical and my mental well-being. 


I feel stronger and healthier, and my metabolism has definitely improved since I started working out at NSS."

- Rita G.