Why did you join NSS?

"Since December Noonan Sport Specialists kept coming across my feed. In January I figured the third time was the charm, so I contacted. In about 4 minutes someone responded, so I came in, and here I still am three months later."

What is keeping you at NSS?

"I feel good. I like it here. I‘ve met some friends I hadn’t seen in 20-some years here and we reconnected. I just FEEL good. It’s helping. That’s why I come back."

What positive things have you noticed since starting at NSS?

"More energy, better posture, able to do more physical activity. I also feel better emotionally and spiritually."

What are some things you've learned?

"It takes a lot of muscles to make the world go round. [laughs]

I can get a full workout without being sore and hurting. I have not hurt ONCE since being here."

How would you describe the community and environment of NSS?

"Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I see the same people regularly and feel comfortable with them. It’s nice. I see people out in the community and know them from NSS."

What does #NSSfamily mean to you?

"It’s a place you can come and be yourself, and know you’re getting better. I feel like I want to bring other people here so they can feel this good, too, and know what’s going on. I feel great coming here.

I’ve got people that will be coming here. It’s kind of my thing, so I’m not sure I want to share, but I know that’s being selfish. But it’s “my thing” that I do, it’s nice to come here and be your individual self.

I am motivated and that hasn’t changed. I’ve seen really good results."

What words do you have for others thinking of starting with NSS?

"Just do it! I just learned today, NSS has been here ten years, so I feel like I’ve wasted ten years not being here.

Especially at my age! Get back, regain your health so you’ve got another ten, twenty years to be healthy."

- Rita W.