"My Running Transformation: In January '08 I made a New Year's resolution to take up running to lose weight, but I unexpectedly discovered an absolute love of running. In September '08, I hit a major roadblock: I developed a chronic pain that prevented me from running more than a single pain-free mile. I spent 11 months trying to resolve this pain; seven different doctors were unable to determine the cause, and each of them eventually suggested that I give up running and find a new hobby. I refused to accept that answer. I found NSS in late August '09, and never at any point did they suggest I find a new hobby! In just four short weeks, I went from being able to run only 5 pain-free minutes to running 30 minutes without any pain at all. I had a minor setback in January '10 (tendonitis due to my over-eager mileage), but Noonan's kept me sane through the necessary rest & rehab, and I was able to resume my training within a month. It went so well that, a few weeks before I even did my half-marathon, I decided I could do a full marathon. On 10/3/10, I ran the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon in 3:38:35, fast enough to qualify me for Boston in my very first marathon. And on 12/11/10, I won my age group in a 5k. I would never have been able to accomplish these amazing feats without NSS!

My Body Transformation: Noonan's gave me nutritional direction in addition to amping up my strength training. While it certainly took a lot of effort & sacrifice on my part, their knowledge was vital in the challenge of eating at a level low enough to lose fat, but still high enough to fuel performance in my strength workouts. I lost 11.8 lbs & dropped 8.8% body fat. I shed 8.75" from my waist & hips alone! By giving my body the exact nutrition it needed, during this same time I also grew significantly faster and stronger. The pace of my marathon was 22 seconds faster than my half-marathon - for twice the distance! When NSS issued their pull-up challenge on Facebook, I did a total of 200 chin-ups & pull-ups over the course of one week. I've dead-lifted 50 lbs more than I weigh with a barbell, and 81 lbs more than I weigh with a trap bar. But I don't just have great numbers - I have incredible visual results. I get compliments all the time, I love going clothes shopping, and I truly like what I see in the mirror each day. I have never been so happy with my body! 

My Brain Transformation: Working with NSS has totally changed how I perceive myself. When I broke my thumb in November, I was determined not to let it slow me down. Many people, including the old me, would have used a broken bone as an excuse to take it easy, but I adopted a new motto: "I choose to be unstoppable." My coach helped me find ways to modify my workouts, and I even completed a 100 push-ups challenge while my thumb was still in a splint! Their unwavering support in all of my goals has also kindled a desire in me to be a cheerleader for others, eager to pay it forward by sharing my tips & story with anyone & everyone who asks. Inspiring others in their own wellness goals is a compliment far beyond any others I've received. I've told NSS many times that they're never getting rid of me. Considering what they've done for me so far, who knows what else I can accomplish? I can hardly wait to find out!

I firmly believe that if I can achieve these kinds of results, anyone can. As long as you bring the commitment, NSS will provide all of the tools you need to reach your goals!"


Sabrina H.