Was there a frustrating problem that inspired you to get in touch with NSS? 

"Nothing specific except that growing up I was always a 3-sport athlete and was in great physical shape and I want to get back to being in great physical shape."



What led you to believe NSS may be the optimal gym for you? 

"I have to give credit to my husband; he was always talking about how great NSS was and the results he was getting out of training at NSS."



What is keeping you at NSS? 


"I would have to say the coaches, atmosphere, appropriate adjustments of my workout, accountability that I have a scheduled time to meet with a coach, and definitely the results that I’m seeing and feeling in such a short amount of time."



How has your life improved as a result of the time you’ve spent with us?

"My strength has improved, as well as the energy that I feel after each workout."


What have you learned at NSS?  

"I have learned that I still have it in me to push myself to reach my physical fitness goals."



Can you speak on the community and environment of NSS?  

"One of the great parts about NSS is the community feel.  You see people of all ages and all fitness levels, so it never felt intimidating, even on the first day that I went."



What words do you have for someone thinking about starting with NSS?  

"I would say once you start you will be hooked. NSS does an amazing job at helping each person meet their goals by writing specific workout plans for each individual, and it’s done in a really fun atmosphere."

- Sally A.