"Prior to joining NSS, I searched the web/magazines/apps for weight lifting programs, which ranged from painfully complex to very simple programs. I attempted to start a lifting program on my own, but quickly realized I was in need of the guidance of an expert. I had that feeling after each of my workouts, “Am I doing this right...?” I ultimately didn’t want to injure myself trying to lift too much too soon, or NOT see or feel results. I had heard many good reviews by friends in the area about NSS and that NSS would no doubt be able to help me with my fitness goals, whatever they may be.


The thing I like the most about the coaches and NSS in general is that you never feel like you don’t have control over your workouts. The coaches encourage your feedback daily, really making your success a group effort. Your program is so personalized to you, your wants, and your goals. I have been at NSS for almost 6 months. Within this time period I have become comfortable with lifting again. I am absolutely stronger - stronger than I have felt in a very long time.


The environment at NSS is very welcoming. Walking through the front doors for the first time is the LAST time you will have any feelings of discomfort or doubt. I am greeted each morning with a good morning and smile by every coach at NSS. The coaches at NSS want nothing more than to see you succeed, reach goals and set new ones, and have fun doing it.


My advice for anyone thinking about starting with NSS: START ALREADY!!! Once you start you will not look back.  You will be surrounding yourself with like-minded people, both coaches and other clients, all having the primary goal in mind of improved health and wellness."

Sandy L.