2 Week Fat Loss Kick Start

Looking for a quick fat loss kick start? Depending on where you are at with your current nutritional intake, these quick habit changes could get you seeing results immediately. Implement each of these changes and maintain them for 2 weeks. By that time, you should already be starting to look and feel better!

Week 1:

Monday- Increase your water intake to half your body weight in ounces. For example, a 200 lb individual would take in 100 oz. of water per day.

Tuesday- Add a heaping serving of vegetables to your lunch, approximately two large handfuls.

Wednesday- Get at least 20-25 grams of protein with breakfast. Eggs, meat, protein shakes, etc. are all acceptable. Steer clear of breads, bagels, pancakes, etc.

Thursday- Make sure dinner is built around a very large serving of protein and veggies! Whatever your goals are, more protein will almost always help!

Friday- Plan your weekend meals as best you can. Pre-package healthy, protein heavy snacks to take with you if you're traveling, etc. Going out with friends? Plan what you will eat beforehand to guarantee you will stick with a healthy choice (remember, protein and veggies are your friend!!).

Saturday/Sunday- Enjoy your weekend, but know that if you're going to have a "bad" meal you need to make the rest of your day awesome. Eat great all day, and then enjoy your cheat meal guilt free!

Week 2:

This week, focus on taking last week's habits and turning them into a "system" for yourself. Before eating a meal, here are the criteria it should adhere to:

Big serving of protein- meat, eggs, fish, etc.

2 Big servings of veggies- fresh, frozen, raw, etc. Stress variety.

Small serving of healthy fats- nuts, seeds, healthy oils, nut butter, etc.

Don't drink your calories- water is your best friend; ditch pop, juice, beer, etc. for this week. Save it for your cheat meal on the weekend.

Replace processed foods with fruit and veggies- leave pasta, breads, heavily processed or packaged foods, desserts, etc. alone and fill up on as much veggies and fruit as you'd like.

Once your two weeks is up, you should be feeling and maybe even looking a little better already. If you like the results, keep it rolling! Your body, mind, and energy level will probably thank you!

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