Tammy's 'NCP Sprint' Story

"Know when to have the potato..."

"Thanks to the NSS Nutrition Coaching Sprint program, I now know “when to have the potato.” Why is that statement important? Let me rewind to a few years ago, when I was approaching 40 and dealing with back and shoulder pain, high cholesterol, and an expanding waist line. At that time, I knew I needed to make changes that would last a lifetime rather than a few weeks. I was struggling with how to fit exercise into my work schedule and long commute. My life was even more hectic, not less as I had thought, now that my son had started college. He reminded me that there are no excuses, only solutions. He was finding time to get fit and healthy so I was inspired to do the same. I started with physical therapy to alleviate pain from a pinched nerve. Over the next three years I joined a couple fitness centers, did some home training with fitness videos, made changes in my eating habits, researched better nutrition options…but the progress was slow. I had lost 12 pounds but I didn't feel healthy and I was tired and fatigued. I started bicycling and that was great therapy, but I still didn't feel strong. Given the amount of time and energy I was putting into the workouts, I wasn't making the progress I had hoped for and it seemed like I was wasting time. Plus, I was trying to give up “starchy” foods and noticed I was grumpy… probably because I missed potatoes.

I knew about Noonan Sport Specialists, but living an hour away, I was having a difficult time justifying the added travel and expense of training there. Finally in February 2013 I made the commitment. My goal was to get stronger so I could climb hills when biking and help prevent injuries during exercise and daily activities. I had more weight to lose, but I told myself that would be a bonus rather than my overall goal. Over the next six months, I was having less back pain, played a season of volleyball, and got the added bonus of losing 10 pounds (plus my cholesterol was down!). But I was still wearing the same size pants. I had lost inches everywhere except in my waistline. That is when the NCP Sprint program was suggested to me. My first thought was ‘how could that help?’ I was already tracking my nutrition using MyFit Pal, avoiding carbs (missing my potatoes) and biking regularly in addition to training at NSS. My trainer took the time to explain the new Sprint program and how nutritional choices work synergistically with exercise so I thought why not give it a try. It was a decision I am thankful he encouraged me to make.

The NCP helped me think about practical changes I could make that would last a lifetime. Over the next two months, I worked on developing nutritional strategies, habits and goals. It was suggested I focus on high protein foods and healthy fats, what foods to pair together (loving cucumbers with tuna and 4% cottage cheese!) and I was provided recipe suggestions. We reviewed my food journal, noting when I was hitting my protein and carb numbers and pointing out how that reflected on my measurements. When I wasn’t on target or the progress was slowing down, we worked together and made adjustments to my target numbers. This program wasn’t about comparing me to other clients. It was personalized, focusing on me and my lifestyle. When I didn’t stick with it, we talked about what went on the prior week or two and developed a plan for how I could be better prepared the next time I was faced with those challenging situations. Being realistic was such a help because I tend to over commit and under achieve.

Enrolling in the NCP Sprint program was just what I needed to reduce inches on my waist. Those two months were an eye opener. I discovered where I was wasting time and energy and I learned how to adapt my eating and exercising program to fit my unpredictable schedule. The journaling helped me see my progress, watch my benchmarks and goals, and make better food choices. I lost 7 more pounds and finally 2.5 inches in my waist. I retired my size 8-10 pants and bought size 3-4's…and more importantly, I bought potatoes.

Thanks NCP and the entire NSS staff!!"

-Tammy L.

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