The Meaning of Strength

What does strength mean to you? Is it simply the ability to move a weight in the gym? Is it the ability to shovel six inches of snow from your driveway without skipping a beat? Or is it the ability to wake each morning, and succeed in life despite challenges thrown at you from all directions? Whether physical or emotional, our strengths are challenged daily.

Your physical strength is easy to visualize in the gym. "You pick things up and put them down"! Emotional strength is more difficult to quantify. Some days, you may simply be able to shrug things off. Other days, the slightest hiccup in your day results in a domino effect leading to a negative mindset. Physical strength achieved in the gym does not stop after you leave those doors. Its impact is not confined to the realms of your physical ability. Being physically strong builds your confidence and allows you to have a different mental and emotional perspective on life; however, you must be aware that you are strong in order to reap those benefits. Once you come to that realization, you may have a more consistent ability to take on life's challenges.

Modesty is a wonderful trait, but having a ‘quiet’ confidence will allow you to fully utilize the strength gains you are and will continue to see in the gym. Remember the phrase, "Strength has a Greater Purpose" next time you are in the gym and allow that to encompass you throughout your day.


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