2014 Transformation Contest Winners

It was a huge pleasure for all of us here at NSS to watch the amazing changes that everyone accomplished during our 2014 NSS Transformation Contest. There were truly incredible TRANSFORMATIONS, which only took place due to diligence, hard work, & dedication to being better!

Although there can only be 2 winners (1 female / 1 male) of the prize packs, everyone who invested in themselves, by completely committing to the past 6 weeks, are winners to us. They 'won' a smaller waistline, more strength, less body fat, and better fitness, just to name a few things. As a group they lost 72.5 inches, slashed 95 lbs, and dropped 54 mm from skin fold measurements. Way to go!!

Congratulations again to all who participated, we are proud of all of your accomplishments. But of the 39 who were involved, the biggest TRANSFORMATIONS came from............

Steve R.


Laurie B.

Steve completely turned himself in to a new man by hitting some truly jaw dropping numbers. He lost 28.4 lbs and 10.75 inches ...in 6 weeks!

Laurie also definitely put her work in, shaving 7.6 lbs, 6.25 inches AND 6 mm from her skin fold measurement! Amazing job to the both of you!!

As the winners, Steve and Laurie both received the 2014 TRANSFORMATION prize pack, valued over $700, with prizes from these area businesses: Geneva Golf Club, Tire Maxx, Jake's Bikes, NSS, Relax and Unwind, Lillian's of Alexandria, Perry's Furniture, Buck Magic, Lake Region Eye Center, and Weber's Leather.

We also want to recognize our Frequent Sweaters for the Transformation Contest. These participants made it to every single team training that we had, no matter blizzard, ice storm, or unspeakable temperatures. Amazing dedication shown by our Frequent Sweater group of: Katie C., Rachel B., Nicole N., Steve R., Joy S., Yvette T., and Patty P.

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