My Body Is A Gift

“My body is my home. It’s the ONLY place I have to live. I will treat it with the care and respect it deserves.”

At NSS we often see goals of fat loss, body composition change, lose inches...etc. Don’t get us wrong…there is nothing at all wrong with these goals. But what about the totally awesome things you could do with your body?? Do you want to practice yoga once a week? Do you want to deadlift your body weight? Be able to do a pull-up? Push-up? Overhead press 1/3 your body weight? Farmers walk your body weight?

What do YOU want to do with the body that was given to you, to do with as you wish? That’s right…GIVEN to you. Think about the last gift you were given. Did you immediately let that little demon in your head start verbally tearing it apart, picking at every perceived flaw? Did you verbalize those negative thoughts with someone? Or were you appreciative of it despite the fact it may not have been exactly what you wanted?

The body you were given is for much more than “looking better”. It’s all perception. What you see in pictures or the mirror could be the exact opposite of what others see day to day. Often times at NSS, we notice clients doing spectacular things; numerous pull-ups, elegantly smooth Turkish get-ups, full range of motion squats, heavy farmers walks….the list goes on and on. We watch these individuals in absolute admiration. Do we notice those “last few pounds” they are trying to lose? Uuhhhhhhhh NO!

WHY??? .... because there is so much more than that.

Be awesome. Be strong. Be someone that people look to in admiration of the skills you have achieved, through practice and hard work. It’s one thing to look good...but it’s another to be strong, confident and proud of your body.

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