Walk to Run : Couch to 5K - Program and Goals

Welcome to the 2014 Walk-to-Run : Couch to 5K program! Everyone at NSS is excited about partnering with the ROUS group to help get more people in the community out and running. We are going to be doing weekly blog posts to correspond with the training to help educate and motivate you along the way.

For this first week we want to talk briefly about the ‘plan of attack’ and goals for this program.

The Walk-to-Run : Couch to 5K is designed to be a very realistic and non-intimidating way to introduce running to someone, or to easy back into running, former runners. We will be meeting 3 times per week at Big Ole to talk briefly about the plan for each session and choose a direction to go. Each session will be directed by a group leader who will keep track of run and walk times.

As you can see HERE, these 8 weeks are designed to be a gradual transition into running. We will begin week one, day one with 5 rounds of 2 minutes of running (at your own pace) followed by 4 minutes of walking.

We want to acclimatize not only your aerobic system, but also your bones, muscles, tendons and joints, thus the gradual beginning to the program. So rather than jumping right in to running a mile, running 30 minutes, or even running 5 minutes continuous right away, we begin with short bouts of running followed by adequate walking to allow for recovery.

Even though you are only running for 10 total minutes (spread out over 5 sets) your body is going to perceive this as 30 minutes of aerobic exercise. Through the program we eventually turn these 30 minutes of aerobic exercise in to more running time, with less walking, and finally to no walking at all.

The end goal of the 8 week program is to have you ready to participate in a 5K race. If you are able to follow and complete the 3 runs per week, we are confident that this proven system will get you to just that. Even though not a mandatory part of the program, our training has been timed to line up perfectly with the Lakes Area Endurance 5K Run on Friday, June 27th.

So please come out and join us for this great program, remember not only you are invited…but your spouse, friends, co-workers and family members.

Hope to see you Monday!

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