Pico de Gallo Recipe

Here is a fast and flavorful dish to make this week!

Fresh cut pico de gallo on seasoned chicken breast. Best part….the left over pico de gallo (if any…) makes a great filling for an omelet the next morning!!


5-6 roma tomatoes

2-3 jalapenos (depends on how much you can handle)

½ large red onion

1 lime

3-4oz fresh cilantro


Cut up the tomatoes, jalapenos, and red onion and place in a medium bowl.

Squeeze the juice of the lime over the mixture and put just a dash of salt over the mixture.

Remove the cilantro from the stems and place in the mixture as well.

Once all ingredients are in the bowl, stir it up and serve!

2 tbsp of this mixture is about 16 calories… it’s vegetables, so go crazy!

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