You Are Doing It...

You are doing it…

You are already PAST HALFWAY through achieving what you said you would do…

Well on your way to realizing a "BHAG," a Big Hairy Audacious Goal...

You went from running 30 seconds to now running double-digit minutes!

So make sure to pause, step back, and take a good look at the last two months and be proud of what you have done already.

A lot has gone into this process of you progressing your running and aerobic ability over the last 8 weeks.

You have been dedicated, determined, and committed. You have sought out a group. You have continued to immerse yourself in a social network of like-minded people.

While each of these things separately may not work to keep you on track, when performed in conjunction with one another they are extremely powerful.

Let’s take a look at each one a bit more.

First, you have committed to consistency. With our lives as busy as they are nowadays, it’s not the easiest thing to dedicate even one or two days per week to running and activity, but you have been dedicated to THREE days.

This consistency is going to be one of the main components to you continuing along your path to even bigger goals. Remember, there are going to be times in training and life where it may not feel like consistency is there.

But having the experience of this Couch to 5k program to look back on, with the understanding that you are capable of sticking to a plan (for 10 weeks!), is a priceless mental advantage.

The next, and equally important, consideration, is that you have sought out a group to help keep you consistent, to learn from, and to keep you motivated. Yes, we can all do it on our own, and sometimes we stubborn ones tend to stick to that mindset to a fault.

But in almost any case it’s going to be more difficult on your own, and not nearly as fun!

The group mentality, especially with a program like the Couch to 5k, is a valuable component, and from day one we have been looking to harbor and grow that value. As a group we are going to achieve more than striking out on our own.

Finally, you have continued to immerse yourself in a network of like-minded people. How many of the people you are now running with would you have met? How many would you have shared a conversation with? How many would you have become friends or training partners with?

You also have continued to stay engaged while outside of the training runs. One example is the Runkeeper app, where seeing each other log those miles is great motivation. Through our weekly newsletter we've shared Q&A, motivation, and education. Another is registering for the Lakes Area Endurance Run, to have that carrot at the end to entice you.

You're reading our newsletters and maybe even joined the local running group, to always have a strong social network of like-minded individuals to help to get you back on track if things do derail periodically.

So, as you again reach double-digit minutes tomorrow, take some time to reflect on these thoughts, and how consistency, group accountability and a strong social network have helped you along the path.

Then, when you finish, give yourself a huge pat on the back…because you are doing it!!

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