Who Likes Puzzles?

I have a 3 year old son, and he absolutely loves puzzles. Puzzles with numbers, puzzles with letters, animal puzzles. No matter what it is, he does an amazingly good job of figuring exactly which piece goes in which location. Now, the point of this isn't to showcase how awesome, smart, funny and cute :) my son is, but rather to demonstrate that, even as a three year old, Sawyer understands the concept that you cannot fit square pegs into round holes. Yet this is often what happens when it comes to nutrition and weight loss. Someone has a specific method that worked great for them, and because of this, automatically assumes it will work great for you.

Not considering that you are two completely different people. Coming from different backgrounds, with different daily life scenarios, different body types, a different metabolism, different family structure...you get the point. With over 7 years in the health and fitness game, at NSS we understand that there are a hundred and a half ways to loose weight, get lean, put on muscle, drop body fat, (insert fitness goal here). But we can guarantee the best, most effective way to do this, is the one that lines up with your life style, likes, schedule and social dynamic! That is what we love best about our Nutrition Coaching Programs here at NSS. We aren't out to cram you into a certain nutritional method, but rather build a system around all the above considerations, to maximize your results. Take recent NCP Sprint graduate Amy D. for example. During the two month program she dropped a total of 6.2 pounds, was 11 mm down in her skin fold measurement on the hip, and 4 mm down on the waist.

Results like that make your midsection look completely different, by the way! The coolest part...she did it all without tracking a single thing! See, because the NCP programs aren't designed to force you in to one certain nutritional dogma. We have learned it is impossible to expect that by stuffing a square peg into a round hole, you will get consistent, long term results...or more importantly enjoy the process at all! (See more about that HERE) YES, Paleo works...YES Intermittent Fasting works, YES Juicing works, YES (insert any diet here) works. But one of these specifics may not work for you. So it's vitally important to take time to identify your specific situation, your likes/dislikes, and your history to set up a methodical and realistic approach. That is exactly what we do with our Nutrition Coaching Programs here at NSS, and what we would love to do with you. So if now is the time for you to get in the best shape of your life, drop a few pounds, shave some fat, or just get "un-frustrated" with your nutrition, reach out to us today, and plan on BEING NEXT!

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