Should I Be Eating Breakfast?

A few weeks ago we posted about Intermittent Fasting on our blog, (see that HERE) as a way for some of you to get results with fat loss, feeling better, possibly creating a better overall system for your nutrition, and establishing a healthier relationship with food. Today we are going to discuss the flip side of that conversation, the vastly popular "you must eat breakfast" dogma. As we talked about in our past blog, (seriously, if you missed it CHECK IT OUT!) breakfast has long been sworn in as the golden child of all meals. And well, guess just might be.

Proponents of breakfast say that it can help you not only achieve your body composition changes, but it will help you maintain these changes.

First and foremost, studies show that breakfast eaters tend to eat a more nutritionally complete diet, higher in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Which just right there is a great reason for being on the eat breakfast team!

Another benefit of eating early in the day is that it keeps us from gorging on unhealthy fares later in the day. And if you are consuming a high protein breakfast, it tends to keep you feeling full longer, eliminating the need for a mid-morning snack (i.e. more calories)

When we start the day with “good” choices we continue making nutritious choices and good decisions throughout the day. Breakfast eaters have improved concentration and performance that lasts all day long. Eating breakfast can help keep your mind sharp, and a nutritiously sound breakfast can even help boost your memory.

Those who eat breakfast have also been shown to have more strength and endurance to engage in physical activity. Sure sounds like a win!

So with all that considered, all these benefits of breakfast eating, how could anyone possibly want to skip out on this meal? Well, that right there, get's to the heart of what we often address with our NCP Programs.

There is no right or wrong answer for the breakfast vs I.F. question!

A lot of things need to be considered, including listening to your body and testing what seems to work for you.

Now, we didn't just put out these two seemingly opposite mindsets (eat breakfast or fast) to confuse you. We are outlining these examples to show you that there IS NOT a one size fits all system when it comes to nutrition.

As you have heard us say, and will hear again... you can't jam square pegs in to round holes when it comes to nutrition. This has to be built around all the special circustances and situations you have going on in your life. Not only assessed from an acute standpoint, but a long term lifestyle perspective as well.

Our NCP Programs absolutely can absolutely help you do just that.

Take our most recent SPRINT graduate, who in 5 weeks...

Slashed 9 pounds - Shaved 5% of her body fat - Dropped 2.5 inches off her waist and hips. Results like that from a program that she states was "painfully easy".

All because we were able to assess her life, habits and goals - meet her where she is at - set a plan of attack - and hold this plan in high accountability. And guess what - breakfast or no breakfast wasn't the make it or break it discussion!

So, if you would like to secure one of the 2 remaining slots we have open for the NCP Program this month, make sure and email now. We would love to help!

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