Thank you.

An important thank you from NSS.

What started out as a verbal commitment made over lunch at Bennigans in Moorhead almost eight years ago between Mike Hawes and myself has blossomed into what you see and experience everyday at Noonan Sport Specialists.

It didn’t happen by accident, but it wasn’t completely planned either. We have been blessed with opportunities and people that have helped us at every turn along the way. The most impactful of those blessings came in the forms of our incredible clients, athletes, and staff. Each of you have helped us in the process of shaping and molding what the NSS experience is.

You have all played a role in the history of NSS and now we would like you to literally put your name on the new NSS history boards in the hallway.

These boards are the retired inserts from the lifting platforms; they have been recycled and updated with photos taken throughout the growth of NSS. We would love if all of you during your next visit would take a moment to check out the boards and put your signature on them.

There is no way that we can ever truly thank all of you enough. The list of people is far too long and the lessons learned innumerable. However, as a small token of our appreciation and gratitude, starting today every current NSS client who walks through the doors this week will walk out with a "Thank You" gift from NSS.

Those of you who have been with us the longest (3+ years) will recieve a very special package. You will have your choice of a black, pink, or red NSS (that's right I said NSS) Under Armour duffle bag, a red or grey NSS Camelback water bottle, and the revamped RED NSS Flag shirt!

Those of you who have been with us for 2+ years will be walking out the door with a NSS Camelback water bottle, a RED NSS Flag shirt, and an in stock quest bar of your choice.

All of the freshly minted 1+ year anniversary members will be sporting their RED NSS Flag shirt while munching on the in stock quest bar of their choice.

For everyone who has just started this journey with NSS and has not yet hit their 1 year anniversary, don’t forget to grab your complimentary quest bar before you leave the gym!

While these are all small tokens of appreciation, we at NSS are very excited to hand these gifts out to each of you alongside a strong handshake and a heartfelt thank you. Thank you for helping to make what was once just a thought nearly eight years ago become an awesome reality today.

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