NSS Client of the Month

We are pumped to be starting a new recognition program here at NSS. A program to honor one of you; one of our awesome and hard working clients!

Each month we will be recognizing a Noonan Sport Specialists Client of the Month.

This award is to recognize your hard work and dedication to what you are doing with NSS. For example, it could be your consistency during that month, working through life stressors and still prioritizing training, outstanding race performance, a great month of NCP, multiple PR's in the gym, or helping a friend or family member prioritize thier health and fitness.

This month we are proud to honor

KrisAnn Carlsen as our first NSS Client of the Month.

"KrisAnn has been a super consistent client this past month, in light of an amazingly busy and chaotic schedule outside of NSS. With this being the case, and she knows she is going to be gone, KrisAnn always reschedules to guarantee training twice a week.

All this time KrisAnn has been making steady strength gains, working up to 170# x 3 on the trap bar deadlift, 6 single leg push-ups, and 10kg's on the Turkish Get-Up.

Outside of the gym, KrisAnn is always making sure that everyone is taken care of. By getting her kids where they need to be (all over the state of MN) for sports, preparing food to entertain a big crowd, and waiting endless hours for tow trucks (yeah, multiple times!).

It has been such an amazing perspective that KrisAnn has shown, making the time at NSS her time. She is doing this for herself and nothing will get in the way of that.

Congratulations KrisAnn, keep up the great work!"

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