Make Life About Direction, Not Destination

What does next week look like for you? Busy we're sure. School starts again, schedules shift, the weather continues to change, etc...

But really, where will you be as a person? Where will next week take you? Are you excited about it? How about next month? Next year? Is there ever going to be a time where you can say "I've arrived! This is where I have always wanted to be!"?

Make life about direction, not destination.

Never stop aiming high, but also realize that nothing good happens over night. If you hate the process, who's to say you will love the destination?

Change is always difficult, but challenge should not be detestable or intolerable. Be proud of the challenges you choose for yourself and don't settle for just being comfortable, but also realize when you are miserable and maybe rethink your approach.

Find something today that is important to you and focus on it; a memory, experience, goal for the future, relationship, etc. Let that drive your decisions today and motivate your "why" behind every choice you make.

Remember, we are rooting for you guys!

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