What Is Your Why?

Recently I had someone mention to me how disgusted she was with herself that she had “fallen off track” and could “just feel the 2 lbs. she gained”. Here’s the thing… 2 lbs. is minimal when it comes to weight on a day to day basis. Your weight can fluctuate up to 5 lbs. in a day, with that being totally normal and acceptable. Plus, most likely those 2 lbs. are simply water weight.

But for her to recognize so quickly that she felt off is simply a blessing, for the fact that some people go years and years before they realize this and take action. Two weeks? You’re doing pretty dang good!

The conversation that followed this comment had to do with giving this particular person some grace and recognizing the core problem as to how she got “off track”. In this case it wasn't because she has been eating like crap the last two weeks… it’s because the temptations the last two weeks were more important than her goals.


She was disappointed in herself because she knew she could do better. It’s easy to play the would have, could have, should have game with yourself. But not as easy to show some self-compassion and give yourself the benefit of the doubt. It takes practice, but once we can get that down, it’s beyond easy to pick ourselves up and keep moving along towards a goal.

Everyone has moments where we slip up. We are human. And an important thing is that we get back in to the routines that work for us. If tracking nutrition works for you? Do it. If journaling everyday keeps you in line? Make the time. If going for walks on a daily basis keeps your head straight? Make it a priority.

However, the more important thing is not to feel guilt and punish ourselves for any of it.

It is these times of being a bit off track, that should make us revisit why we are even working towards a certain goal. What’s your why? Why are you diligently watching your nutrition? Training three to four times in a week? Saying no thank you to the beer and wine?

What is your why?

If we don’t have a clue why we are working to a certain goal, the stress we put ourselves through in pursuit of that goal is senseless and arbitrary.

When we know why we show up each and every day, working towards specific goals becomes that much easier and purposeful. Showing up doesn’t just mean physically be somewhere… it means no matter where we are, we know why we are there and we are putting all of our attention and energy in to that.

My question to you now is what’s your why? Why do you get up every morning? Why do you take the time to take care of yourself?

Post your Why? in the comments below and have it ready to put up on our “What’s Your Why?” board at NSS. (COMING SOON!!)

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