Client of the Month - Arvid B.

We are proud to honor

Arvid Bakke

as our August 2014 NSS Client of the Month

“Arvid has been the perfect example of what we are looking for in clients at NSS. From day one he has stepped out of his comfort zone and been genuinely invested in his mission at NSS. Passionately following through on all suggestions we have discussed.

It’s been proven over and over that consistency is a key factor in attaining results. A great trait of Arvid’s is his incredible attendance and consistency. When once complimented on never missing a sessions Arvid’s straight faced response was, “You’re not supposed to.”

Arvid is down nearly 20 pounds, has lost 8 inches and is shaving body fat. All this while putting on lean muscle mass and full body strength.

Along with consistency and accepting change in the gym, Arvid is taking his health back home and to work. Adding more water daily, making better choices nutritionally and being more active with his dog.

We are really looking forward to seeing Arvid continue along his path to a brand new man. Great job Arvid!”

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