It Starts with YOU - A Must Read for Parents

Summer is wrapping up, school has started, and new routines are becoming consistent. As we place less focus on the kids (at least during school hours), there is no better time and place to start thinking about YOU again.

Every summer we run ourselves ragged trying to be “everything” for our family. We chauffer them from one end of the city, county, and state getting them to child care, practices, camps, games, and so much more.

We do this all with little regard for our own health and wellness (and sometimes sanity). It’s time to STOP the madness. Now is the time to take care of YOU, and WE are here to help.

When was the last time you made your favorite meal? When was the last time you sat at the table with your family to eat a meal? When was the last time you chose a bed time that works for you? When was the last time you placed YOU first?

There is no better time than TODAY to establish

a new routine based on YOU.

Me?..... Yes, YOU!

You may be thinking that what we are suggesting is selfish, but consider this…

  • Studies show that regular exercise is a natural mood elevator that leaves you feeling happier and more relaxed. Imagine a home with less yelling and more smiling

  • Along with a happier disposition a bout of physical activity helps deliver oxygen and nutrients more efficiently to your body, leaving you with more energy to tackle that “to do list”.

  • A better nights rest is sure to come as you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.

  • Create a new family culture of health and wellness, where mom and dad lead by example. Show your children that this goes beyond their competitive years in sports, but rather a lifetime of healthy physical activity.

As you may know, most of us NSS coaches are parents ourselves. We can all personally attest to being better parents when we are consistent with our own training. Whether that’s being more physically capable, more patient, or more mentally engaged with our children and/or spouse.

"You have to take care of YOU, to take care of me"

So if you are ready to focus on YOU,

email us HERE to see how NSS can help.

We want to be the coaches to help you, to give you guidance, to motivate you, to keep you accountable, to make this new routine fun, and to increase the value you put on YOU.

There is no better time than today, and the first step is as easy as dropping us a note HERE to set up a free meeting and see how NSS can lend a hand.

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