How Would Your Life Look in Rewind?

Earlier you read some facts on why it's so important to take care of YOU, (missed it?, click HERE) in order to be able to take care of your kids and family. As parents we need to take responsibility for ourselves and realize we are constantly setting an example for our children – be that for better or worse.

Our children deserve healthy, active, patient and able bodied parents to lead them through life. To show them how to be the best them they can be. But if we aren't subscribing to our own philosophy, these lessons are going to be lost on our children. That is why it is so important to create a family culture of health and wellness, where mom and dad lead by example, toward a lifetime of healthy physical activity and good choices. This impactful video (maybe the most powerful we have ever seen) is a great visualization of exactly this concept of taking control of YOU and leading your family from the front.

Now take a second and think…. What if you rewound your life? How would it look? Would it be filled with decisions that don’t line up with your goals, are disappointing, embarrassing, or maybe even disgusting to you? Maybe you see a little bit of you in this particular clip? Or maybe you see a friend or loved one? Maybe it’s a little scary, intimidating or frustrating. But we are here to let you know you don’t have to tackle this task on your own. The coaches here at NSS have been helping people take control on their health and fitness for over 7 years. And we want to be the coaches to help you. To give you guidance, to motivate you, to keep you accountable, to make this new routine fun, and to increase the value you put on YOU. We can promise you, there is no better time than today to act on this. And the first step is as easy as dropping us a note, by clicking HERE, and setting up a meeting to see how NSS can lend a hand. For YOU, and in turn, your families sake.

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