Client of the Month - Pete R.

We are proud to honor Pete Reishus as our September 2014 NSS Client of the Month.

Pete has been one of those clients who, from day one, has just been “on”. He has displayed the consistency that we value so highly at NSS, as well as the willingness to change his habits at home regarding nutrition, etc. This has allowed for some very significant changes in a short period of time.

Since Pete has started, he has dropped over 20 lbs., lost 4.25” off his waist, 1.5” of his hips, and 1.25” off his leg. His strength in this time period has also increased dramatically. When he started, Pete could not do a single unassisted pull-up; he can now regularly knock out sets of 3. He routinely does step-ups to a 16” box with over 70lbs., and not long ago pulled his first 315 lb. deadlift. All of this is impressive enough on its own, but it is compounded by the fact that Pete is 64 years old! We strive to stress the idea that you’re never too old to start strength training, and Pete is the perfect example of that. He has demonstrated that with consistency, a positive attitude, and simple willingness to change, he does not have to fall prey to the stereotype of “incapable with age”. Pete’s outlook on training has been very positive, and he has brought a lot to Noonans with his social interactions with others and his inspirational results. All of these reasons are why we selected Pete Reishus to be this months “Client of the Month”. Congratulations, Pete!! Keep up the great work.

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