Celebrating 2 Years of Nutrition Coaching at NSS

Three years ago Dustin, Steve and myself sat down at NSS, and through discussion, realized that yes, we were getting results with clients, but what else can we do? There has to be more…more coaching, more accountability, more motivation, more support. What more can we do as a company to garnish the absolute best results for our clients?

At that time we understood that the nutritional plan someone is following is as important as the physical training when it comes to fat loss, performance, and longevity of overall health and wellness. But we really didn’t have a systemized way to intervene if a client’s nutrition was disrupting maximal results.

After plenty of discussion, we determined the best way we can add value to what we were already doing, to get better, more long lasting results, would be to formalize NSS’s approach when it comes to our coaching of client’s nutrition.

But rather than just starting up any old nutrition coaching program, based on possible bad information, unrealistic practices, or complete elimination of foods people enjoy. We wanted to make sure we armed ourselves with the best, most up to date information available, information being applied to thousands of people nationwide and garnishing result. And most importantly, education and coaching that could be applicable for the long haul with our clients.

We wanted to truly create a system for your habits and choices, a system that can be applied to anyone, across all walks of life, with any schedule, stressors and scenarios, and is primarily built around real food consumption, learning and assessing your habits, and consciously making minimal effective dose adjustments to get results.

This led us to Dr. John Berardi and the Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification. More than just your run of the mill weekend course and stamp of approval, the Precision Nutrition curriculum is just that, a curriculum of the art and science of nutrition coaching.

Enrollment in this limited availability program isn’t always the easiest thing to accomplish, so we put Steve’s name on the waiting list. Luckily, when the program next opened Steve was high enough up on the list, and was able to enroll. Over the course of 12 weeks, he worked through the 500 page text book, including topics such as cellular structure and function, energy balance, metabolism, macronutrients, and supplementation.

But not only the science and physiology of nutrition and the body, but also equally important considerations such as interpreting client nutritional information, setting behavior goals, making nutritional adjustment and providing continuing education and support for your coaching clients.

Upon completion of the textbook and accompanying workbook assignments, Steve then passed the 100 question final exam to become a Certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach.

Along with being an extremely diligent and consuming certification, we truly appreciate the fact that the Pn1 certification requires from Steve every year, the passing of another 100 question exam, as well as continuing education.

Why does this matter? ... This matters because we can confidently say our Nutrition Coaching Program (NCP) is something that is always staying on the cutting edge of fitness, has been proved across the nation as a reputable program that gets results, and can constantly be evolved to fit you, our coaching clients.

We are excited to say, from that conversation three years ago, we have been able to start up and run our NSS NCP programs for 2 years now. We have worked with over 50 coaching clients in that time period on things such as fat loss, muscle gain, figure competition prep, powerlifting performance, among other things.

We are confident in saying that NSS can be the nutritional solution you are looking for. We can enhance your strength and physical training goals through a systemized, realistic and sustainable nutritional approach. And best of all…it’s completely coachable and realistic to incorporate no matter who you are, because we are building this program around you, for you, with your best interests in mind.

So, in light of the 2 year anniversary of the NCP Program, we are going to open 5 slots for the month of September, which is more than we did last month. But we want to let each of you have a chance to get in, you know, to celebrate 2 years of the NCP!

However, once these five slots fill, we will not be accepting any more. But like we said, we want you to be involved. So make sure and click the button below and reserved your spot to be the next graduate and success story of the NSS Nutrition Coaching Program before it fills up.

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