How Mike and Kris Each Dropped 5% Body Fat in 2 Months

Last week we posted about the 2 year anniversary of our Nutrition Coaching Programs. How we came up with the concept, the education we put in to build the program, and some details on how it works. If you need a refresher, check it out HERE.

Now that you have a bit more background you might find yourself saying...

"But does the NCP really work?" I'm going to let Mike K. answer that for you...

"I have had the opportunity this past summer to work with Steve, the Nutrition Coach at Noonan Sport Specialists, in designing and implementing a customized nutritional program to meet my goals with body composition and proper “fueling” for endurance training. With the NCP Sprint program guidelines and Steve’s knowledge and experience, I was able to reach my initial fat loss goal and to implement changes in my daily nutritional intake within the six session format. We worked together with a strategy that allowed me to make the necessary modifications to reach my goals, without a drastic or uncomfortable lifestyle change. We focused on science based nutrition and firm commitment and sincere effort on my part to achieve the results. The level of support provided by Steve and the positive client/ coach relationship are key factors in achieving results with the program."

-Mike Kjelland

As Mike said all these positive changes came "without a drastic or uncomfortable lifestyle change". Yes, adjustments were made, but nothing so impossible that Mike wasn't able to follow through on his end. We didn't need, and can't expect him to make drastic lifestyle changes quickly and anticipate them to last.

Let's put some numbers behind Mike's success. In two months he dropped 7 pounds, shaved off 4.25 inches (2.75" from his waist), and took 19 millimeters from his 7-site skin fold assessment. Which brought his body fat percentage from 19% down to 14%... Or take for example, another recent graduate of the NCP Sprint program. Kris. After the first NCP meeting to analyze her current nutrition, activity, sleep, stress, and social support Kris got right to work.

She was able to drop over 8 pounds, 1.5” off her hips and 1.5” off her waist, 7 mm off her abdominal skin-fold, 6 mm off the thigh skin-fold and an astounding 29 millimeters total from her 7-site skin fold assessment. Equating to a 5% drop in body fat! All, believe it or not… in just 5 weeks, and in her own words done with, “simple, to the point, habits, numbers and goals.” This concept of not jamming square pegs in to round holes, but rather meeting you where you are at and building a plan on realistic behavior and habit change, has been proved to work over and over again. We truly pride ourselves in results like those from Mike and Kris, and through the two years of being in the trenches coaching, continuing to stay educated on the most current research studies and practices, and modifying our program to fit your needs we are confident that now can be your time to step up.

Wherever you are at, we want to meet you there and help.

I'm going to let Steve close out with this 90 second video on why NOW is your time to take ACTION!

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