Tactical Strength Challenge – Fall 2014

Three local strength enthusiasts from Noonan Sport Specialists recently participated in a Tactical Strength Challenge (TSC) along with nearly 600 competitors from around the world.

The TSC took place on Saturday, October 4th, 2014 at Los Campeones Gym in Minneapolis, MN. It is hosted by individual gyms, but organized under the umbrella of StrongFirst, which is a strength organization focused on strength training education using barbells, bodyweight, and kettlebells as their tools.

The Tactical Strength Challenge consists of three disciplines using each of those tools; the barbell deadlift, the tactical grip pull-up or flexed arm hang, and the kettlebell snatch.

The barbell deadlift tests absolute strength and is scored by the maximum amount of weight lifted. The tactical grip pull-up or flexed arm hang tests strength relative to bodyweight and is scored by the maximum number of pull-ups performed for a male or the maximum length of time held in a flexed arm hang for females. The kettlebell snatch tests general conditioning and is scored by the maximum number of kettlebell snatches performed in a 5 minute time period.

Holea Bruggman of Alexandria was the lone female to participate as part of the Noonan Sport Specialists team. She lifted 245 lbs. in the deadlift, held the flexed arm hang for 35 seconds, and performed 141 reps in the kettlebell snatch.

C.J. Erickson of Alexandria lifted 405 lbs. in the deadlift, completed 18 reps in the tactical grip pull-up, and performed 119 reps in the kettlebell snatch.

William Sturgeon of Alexandria lifted 425 lbs. in the deadlift, completed 9 tactical grip pull-ups, and performed 109 reps in the kettlebell snatch.

The 600 competitors were split into male and female categories. They were further split into three divisions (Novice, Open, and Elite) based on previous experience in the TSC. Holea finished in 22nd place out of 152 participants in the Novice division for females. C.J. finished in 16th place and William finished in 41st place out of 135 competitors in the Novice division for males.

All three competitors had a great experience at their first Tactical Strength Challenge and look forward to competing in the future. The next TSC is already scheduled for Saturday, April 11th, 2015. If you are interested in learning more about training for a TSC, contact Holea Bruggman at holea.b@ alexnss.com or C.J. Erickson at c.erickson@alexnss.com.

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