Client of the Month - Mandy K.

We are proud to honor

Mandy Kaatz

as our October 2014 NSS Client of the Month.

Mandy Kaatz is a supreme example of how consistency and a positive attitude are instrumental in achieving goals. She has demonstrated the qualities necessary for overcoming many of life’s obstacles that are often used as excuses.

She willingly travels 19 miles, one way, in the early morning hours to fit her workouts in before her busy day begins. She transports all of the necessary supplies needed to ready herself for her full time job in a professional setting. All of this while raising a 3 year old son.

Did we mention that she always has a smile on her face as she walks in the doors at 6:15 in the morning (always early), and a can do attitude that is open to working hard and constantly striving for greatness in the gym?

As a result of having the necessary qualities for achieving goals, Mandy has seen some amazing physical transformations. Since she began training here at NSS, she has lost 7lbs and is down 4 inches in her waist and another inch total in her arm and thigh measurements. More importantly, she is fitting into new clothing sizes and recently realized that her winter jacket feels much larger than it did last year!

Mandy has steadily progressed in her strength as well. She recently deadlifted 155lbs. on the trap bar and is progressing into more advanced kettlebell movements. She can be regularly seen pushing the infamous Prowler. When many are intimidated by sled pushes, she welcomes the challenge and looks forward to the point in her workout when the sled comes out and the sweat starts dripping!

Way to go Mandy, keep rocking!!

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