Lack of Information is NOT Your Weak Link...It's Strategy!

How often do we start the new year with a declaration of change, a call to action, or a solid promise to ourselves to be better, do better, dream big, and achieve our goals for the year? I would say most of us do that every year; the rest of us are just lying or have given up completely!

Failure is a hard pill to swallow, and leaving goal after goal undone is a recipe for a lifetime of disappointment and bad moods!

Feeling frustrated?

What I want to talk to you about today is how we may be able to help you in the next 6 weeks. At NSS, we have what's called the NCP program, which is our individual Nutritional Coaching Program set up for you and based around your goals exclusively.

On the surface, nutrition coaching sounds pretty cut and dried, but I would like to pose this question:

Is a lack of information your weak link, or is it the inability to put that information into action?

How many of us know someone who has tried every diet plan under the sun, every supplement, has a library of diet books, and yet still can't seem to keep their body composition where they want it? All of us know that person, and there's a good chance we actually are that person.

Why? Because knowledge and information are not the problem!!! Sure, they are crucial elements of success, but they are almost never the weak link in the chain of success!!

So what is?

Let me run some numbers for you quickly. Did you know that if you pursue one clearly defined habit change exclusively for 30 days, you have an 85% chance of succeeding at that behavior? Those are some great odds! I would take those all day long.

Now, did you also know that if you add one more behavior to that, for a grand total of only two things to work on, that your success rate drops to below 35%?!?! That's not even the frightening part. With the addition of a third behavior, you have less than a 5% chance of succeeding in any of the behaviors you set out to accomplish!!! Ouch.

How many of us at New Years have a list that goes something like this: eat better and lose weight, start exercising 3 days a week, and drink more water? That sounds reasonable, right? According to what we just saw, though, we are most likely doomed to failure right out of the gate.

Our only real chance of success seems to be making things simple, specific, and taking them one step at a time. Once these things become habit, then we can move on.

This is why NCP is unique. Sure, we have top quality nutrition information and science backing what we do, but ultimately, we want to teach you the skill of successful behavior change. The cool part about that is that it is not exclusive to nutrition! You can apply this across the board.

So if you find that you are constantly viewing yourself as a failure, please take time to reassess and realize it's probably the strategy, not your capability, that's holding you back.

Let us help you kickstart the process by dropping us a note and asking about our NCP program. 6 weeks could be all it takes to find a whole new perspective you never had before!

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