Tip of the Week: Family Thanksgiving Training

Grandma, Uncle Marty, brother-in-law Hank, and young cousin Tina can all take part in this year's Thanksgiving Day workout. We get rolling with some appetizers, have two courses of our main dish, and finish with a big old "burp"...EE!


Partner Squat x 10-20 PuPP Hand Slap x 10/side Side Lunge w/ Reach x 8/side Jumping Jacks x 25

MAIN DISH: (30 seconds on - 30 seconds off)

1st Helping:

Squat Knee in Plank Side Shuffles

2nd Helping:

Lunges PuPP Shoulder Touches Get Back Ups

DESSERT: 1 to 6 ladder up and down


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