Client of the Month - Jeremy Lesnau

We are proud to honor

Jeremy Lesnau

as our December 2014 NSS Client of the Month.

Jeremy started his journey to a healthier lifestyle 12 months ago. He made the decision to pursue a more active lifestyle and break some bad habits he had acquired. On his own he had already been experiencing tremendous success, losing nearly 60 lbs. before coming into NSS, but had however hit a bit of a plateau. With minimal changes (remember: minimal effective dose!) to what he was already doing Jeremy has now lost an extraordinary 35 lbs. since he joined the NSS family.

Jeremy has been training at NSS for exactly 3 months. In this period his results have been nothing shy of stunning. With strength increases and body composition improvements that are through the roof. Along with the 35 lbs. he is down, he has lost 5.5 inches from his waist and dropped 4% body fat.

But that’s not all; Jeremy has seen incredible gains with his strength. For example, from 12 push-ups to 30, pressing the 12kg kettlebell to the 24kg kettlebell, learning from square one on the hinge to a 185 lb. RDL, box squatting double 28kg kettlebells x 10, and from body weight reverse lunges to 60# Zercher lunges x 10/side.

In these three months Jeremy has never missed a session and is always early. At 22 years old he has a willingness to listen and make changes that is sometimes rare for that age. Pairing those attributes with a tremendous work ethic (both in and out of the gym) has forced us to continue to remind Jeremy that he is living the “results not typical” dream right now, however not by accident.

His overall body composition goals being well within reach he is ready to start looking to what the next step will be. Being an avid outdoorsman you can bet it will be more performance based. Whatever it is we have the utmost confidence that it will be only a matter of time before Jeremy fulfills yet another goal!

Congratulations Jeremy, you are doing awesome!!

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