Client of the Month - Anne Gilbertson

We are proud to honor

Anne Gilbertson

as our January 2015 NSS Client of the Month.

Anne came to NSS via the Fall Jean’s Challenge and has been rocking and rolling ever since! Beginning in September of 2014 she has been steadily increasing her strength on absolutely all levels.

Some of the impressive gains include trap bar deadlifting 155# (well over body weight) x 12, a Turkish Get-Up of 16kg on each hand, and goblet squatting a 28kg kettlebell for sets of 8. Even more impressive are Anne’s accomplishments with her body weight lifts. In the short time of 4 months she has gone from not being able to perform a pull-up to personal records of 7 pull-ups as well as 8 chin-ups. Along with this Anne can rip out 42 legit, chest to floor, push-ups.

She also has a knack for the more advanced kettlebell lifts and has really been able to become proficient with the swing and clean. Early on in learning these techniques she was advancing in weight and reps due to her ability to understand and perform them very well.

Anne also is constantly immersing herself in the education aspect of her wellbeing and fitness, by keeping up to date with article reading on topics important to her and books pertaining to training and health.

Even more inspiring than that written above is Anne’s consistency and wonderful attitude each time she trains at NSS. Being a full time Certified Nurse Midwife puts Anne’s schedule at the liberty of her patients and often has her working long hour and overnights at the hospital delivering babies. In spite of this she has been able to stick to training consistently 2 times per week since she began. Anne DOES NOT miss sessions, by working hard to reschedule if her job interferes, while always coming in with a can do attitude and a smile.

Congratulations Anne, keep up the spectacular work!!

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