What's Your Why Board at NSS

What's Your Why?

This very well can be a very thought provoking question for some individuals and others know exactly why.

If we don’t have a clue WHY we are working to a certain goal, the stress we put ourselves in pursuit of that goal seems to be senseless and arbitrary.

Knowing what your WHY is fuels the drive to keep going no matter what. Everyone has their own reasons and that is the beauty of it… its YOURS! Your WHY needs no explanation nor does it have to be anything huge and grand… it could be one word or many words. It is something you stand confident and proudly with.

When we know WHY we show up each and every day, working towards specific goals becomes that much easier and purposeful. Showing up doesn’t just mean physically be somewhere … it means no matter where we are, we know WHY we are there putting all of our attention and energy towards the task.

A new addition to the NSS facility is our “What’s Your Why?” board. This is a place for everyone to write their reason they take care of themselves. The power of being able to see that written up on the board every time you walk in the door is beyond words. It’s that constant reminder for the days that we forget WHY.

One of the first to write up on the “What’s Your Why?” board was a 17 year old athlete, 100% on his own will. He wrote “^^ATTITUDE^^ #NO WORRIES”.

What's so cool about this? There has been a visible and dramatic change in the way he communicates and carries himself! Something as simple as publicly putting that up on the board has been enough to keep him going steady and has helped lead him to winning a recent alpine skiing race he participated in.

My question to you now is what’s your WHY? Why do you get up every morning? Why do you take the time take care of yourself?

Once you know this, take a moment to write it up on the board so that reminder is there for you!

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